Davinci 360 is a full “Start to Finish” software solution for Window & Door Manufacturers. It seamlessly integrates with all your platforms and business sections to give you a fluid optimization across your entire business.

Here is a list of the main features that DaVinci 360 can offer your business:

Lead generation for dealer networks
Door to Door mobile app with time clock and GPS tracking
Sales force management with online calendar
Omni platform quoting and order entry (Windows, Apple, Linux,Android)
Dealer accessible installation addition
Dealer accessible online calendar
Dealer accessible custom markup
Dealer recheck mobile app with time clock and GPS tracking
Dealer installer app with time clock and GPS tracking
Dealer branded reports with own logo
Multiple discounting structures
One click ordering from anywhere
Users permission to see and perform tasks controlled by dealer
Production scheduling calendar
Production scheduling can be selected by various sort orders and type grouping
Batch production completely flexible
2 clicks and all pieces calculated
Optimized 1-D and 2-D lists automatically sent to machinery on production floor
Customized reports and labels
Inventory can be automatically deducted as production progresses
Generated barcodes used to place units into warehouse locations for fast retrieval
Scanning of product onto delivery trucks
Delivery mobile app with time clock , GPS tracking and barcode scanning
Invoice module with export to accounting
Inventory control
Automatic listing of all products below minimums
Purchase order management
Inventory received is scanned directly into the system
Receivables tracking
Factory time clock integration for payroll

Our skilled technicians will visit your location and analyze what you currently have in place in regards to systems and machinery and sit down with you to discuss your overall requirements and visions you have of the future for your business and tailor a solution that is right for you. They will take you through a demo of the DaVinci 360 Software Solution and show you how it can help you organize and manage your entire business.

One of our skilled technicians will come to your location and give you a demo of DaVinci 360. They will show you how it can save you time and money, increasing your efficiency levels. They will also look at the list of benefits and features of your current system and compare them to all the benefits and features DaVinci 360 has to offer, letting you see for yourself all the reasons why it is profitable for you to switch to our DaVinci 360 system.