Door to Door/Leader

DaVinci Leader for “Your Company”

DaVinci Leader is a software management system for lead generation and resource scheduling and is part of the DaVinci Works family.

Door to door canvassing is by far the most cost effective method to generate leads and, therefore, sales. DaVinci Leader manages the canvassing efforts through the use of maps to set up walks and, along with the Door to Door mobile app (, automatically and instantaneously updates the database with the canvassing results. The canvassing process is not encumbered by paper being passed back and forth and canvassing areas can be mapped out by head office without the need for verbal instructions. The entire process is done 100% electronically. As the results are viewed instantaneously and the efficacy of each canvasser is easily viewed.

With the integrated mapping functions, a street view is available to check for feasibility of the canvassing effort.

The system includes tasks to manage the telemarketing room for follow up calls as well as an appointment calendar for a complete solution.


System Features

The features included in the DaVinci Leader software are truly all encompassing for your organization to run a successful lead generation and appointment scheduling department. Some of the features include:

  • Makes “telemarketing” a moniker of the past. No need to generate leads thru cold calling ever again. The use of non-intrusive, non-pushy door to door canvassing where you leave a real present at each door that is knocked, makes this a viable solution to lead generation and the telemarketer becomes an appointment setter and customer service handler.
  • Employee management including pay rates, either commission on performance or hourly
  • Time clock to ensure hours worked and tie back to performance, for all involved, even the mobile ones
  • Scheduling calendar for all employees (Canvassers, sales force, re-measure, installers)
  • Automatic telemarketing call screen, where the next available call is presented to the telemarketer when working in a team
  • Telemarketers are assigned to products and the calls are automatically routed to the next available operator
  • Keep track of the lead sources for future analysis
  • Instantly view the number of calls to be made by call type (leads, call backs, not homes etc.)
  • Keep track and view the sales appointments in the system
  • Payment reports for hourly and commission workers
  • Integration with the mobile apps
  • Integration with the DaVinci Works family for seamless pricing and, if desired, follow to the manufacturing system.
  • Customer has ability to view the status of the order on line, while waiting on installation
  • Continuously set up “call projects” from recently sold customers or for leads that didn’t result in appointments, appointments that didn’t sell or very old customers. This can ensure a steady stream of qualified calls for the telemarketers to generate more appointments.

Installation Schedule Summary

Once sales have been confirmed, a re-measure appointment can be made and automatically sent to the appropriate installer’s mobile app, with the address, time and particular details of the sale ( The automatic update of the re-measure effort is instantly sent back to the database.

Then for installation scheduling, summaries of all the installers are available to better manage the resource and ensure maximum use of each crew.


Customer Emailing

Along the way to a successful completion of a job, rich text formatted emails keep the clients informed as to upcoming events.

The customer receives: Re-measure request, reminder of re-measure appointment, notice of product order, install schedule request, reminder of install date, completion confirmation and a final thank you note.

Sales Territory Setup

Sales territories are also easily set up to coordinate with the canvassing efforts.

Opticut Door to Door “App”

Door to Door Canvassing on steroids! The Opticut Door-to-Door app allows for instant update of the sales database with the door knocking / canvassing results as well as on the spot setting of a follow-up sales. The drastic downsizing of telemarketing rooms is now possible