Opticut Machinery

Welcome to Opticut Technology

Opticut Technology designs and manufactures precision made computerized cutting, bending, and notching equipment for the Window & Door and other manufacturing sectors. Whether it's equipment for specific tasks or customized end-to-end manufacturing software solutions, we build in the same high level of quality and customer support into everything we deliver.

Opticut Machines

VBS 3000

Designed to bend vinyl extrusion and create any type or style of arched window.

Auto WinGrid

An automated system to cut, notch and optimize grid, spacer and screen bars.


A laser engraving system for uniquely identifying glass sealed units.

Opti-Stop Max

An automatic cutting system with machining centre and material optimization, for a wide variety of manufacturing functions.


A digital measuring system to read and keep track of lengths for cutting on the automatic length stop.


A flying shear/cutoff system for roll forming or extrusion operations allowing for custom lengths modified on the fly from a cutting list.

OptiMizer 2D

A software and hardware solution for glass production.


An Automatic 3 pinch roller radius bender , for aluminum muntin bar profiles

Opticut Software

DaVinci Cloud

Web based Estimating / Order Entry front end for the DaVinci Works program with individual calendars , special shape template.

DaVinci Door to Door/Leader

A software solution for lead generation and resource scheduling.

DaVinci Works

A comprehensive modular package that allows input of detailed Estimates and Orders through Material Breakdown to Shipping and Invoicing with barcode capability.

DaVinci Re-check

A software solution for making sure measurements are double checked, therefore, eliminating transposing error potential.

DaVinci Installer

A software solution for installation scheduling.

DaVinci Warehouse

A software solution for warehouse inventory controls and management.

DaVinci Delivery

A software solution for delivery scheduling and GPS tracking.

Designed as a tool to simplify the design and fabrication of windows with more complex grill and shape configurations.