DaVinci Leader is a software management system for lead generation and resource scheduling and is part of the DaVinci 360 family. The system includes tasks to manage the telemarketing room for follow up calls as well as an appointment calendar for a complete solution.

Big data is used. The process starts with a complete “phone book” like database of every address with name
and contact numbers of the address.

An accompanying mobile app is used to guide the “Door knocker” to the addresses being canvassed on the
particular day, and the gathered information is instantaneously uploaded to the office. Things like level of
interest, product of interest, possible dates to be contact or any customized information to be gathered is
included in the information gathered. Changes in domicile ownership and /or contact information can also be
gathered to update the database.

The mobile app tracks the worker , and is used to ensure the route was walked, and the time spent on the
route. This automates the hourly payment as well as keeping track of “generated leads”